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The Roadside Craftsmen, Inc., headquarted in East Bloomfield, New York, with metal shops in Hemlock and East Avon was founded by C. E. Wemett of Hemlock, New York in 1929, with the hopeful purpose of renewing peoples interest in the hand crafts. Their adopted motto, “See it made,” was quite evident as different artists plied their crafts along the side of the road.

The metal shops in Hemlock and East Avon worked in wrought iron, cast iron, copper, silver and brass.

Guy Daughterty, a native Texan, came on board as head potter and many students from the Alfred State School of Ceramics helped work with the glazing and firing of the pottery.

The craft of weaving was added in 1930 and was headed up by Mrs. Nora Taylor.

In 1936, a woodcrafter by the name of Homer Bullock joined the team in East Bloomfield and the art of wood crafting was added.

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